Pets & Animal Photography

Pet portraits, that sounds a great idea! Tell me more!

Pet photography is so important too, our furry friends only get a certain amount of time on this earth and it is so important to get some photos as a family with them or portraits of just them.
I don't know about you, but in our house, our pooches are an integral part of the family, and I love to get proper photos of them whenever I can.
I offer pet portraits in studio if you feel your pet is well enough behaved for this (or can be bribed to sit still with treats or toys) or for the more energetic pets, or just nature lovers, you can get your pet booked in for a more natural shoot out on location where you can get a mixture of images of your companion running around and being themselves.
I am a big animal lover and love photographing our furry friends, so contact me with your pet and animal photography enquiries, I'd be happy to help!