Wedding Albums

I like to think that I offer something a bit different to your regular wedding photographer.
Each of my albums is designed by myself, and every one is unique and different to the last!
I let my couples choose their own images for their album, that way they can choose their most favourite images to showcase in their album. On the other side of it, some of my couples like me to choose their album images, that way I can make it flow in the best way possible and make sure we include all those precious details!
Some people don't even consider having an album in their package, but they are quickly becoming something really popular to have as part of your wedding package, after all, it is much easier to show family and friends your wedding album rather than having to mess around plugging in your USB into computers or TVs (which of course is also an option- the USB's are also a great thing to have of course)
But it is always great to have something physical to receive after your wedding day to look at easily whenever you want to.
There are a few varieties of albums that I offer, ranging from hardback books, to the luxury albums and the beautiful boxed albums.
I offer linen and textile albums, leather and also eco-leather (if you would prefer a faux leather) and now also in suede and velvet.
Different types of albums come with different packages.
But it is always a good idea to see the albums in person to decide what you would like, so feel free to contact me for a consultation, I'd be happy to bring some of them along for you to have  a look at!